Mobile Welding Table Cart for Robots & Cobots

Cobot / Robot Welding Integration

Creating Cobot / Robot Welding Tables Integrations for Maximized Efficiency

Flextur collaborates with leading automation firms and manufacturers to offer solutions to streamline the integration of Cobot welding cells for peak productivity. Whether you have existing cobots or are in the market for new ones, Flextur is prepared to integrate. Our advanced Flextur Cobot Welding System, equipped with Quick-Change Plates and Fixtur Tables, boosts customer productivity by an astonishing 300%! Experience a surge in your metal manufacturing output, addressing labor and skill gaps and overcoming fixturing challenges. Flextur is eager to join hands with your organization. We proudly count companies like Yaskawa, OTC, KC Robotics, and Modine among our partners.

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Have a Cobot that is Under Utilized?

Integrate existing welding Cobots or new Cobots into Flextur’s Cobot Welding System to create an extremely accurate, efficient, safe, repeatable and highly productive welding cell.

The Time to Take Action is Now!

Forecast: 400,000 less welders will be in the workforce by end of 2026.

The Flextur Cobot Welding System solves these three major issues:

  • 1.

    Faster Change Overs Increase Arc On Time.

    The ideal solution for high mix low volume parts, with less downtime and the ability to do offline part setup. A Flextur customer using the Flextur Cobot Welding System increased productivity from 20 manually welded parts per day to 80 parts per day. A 300% Increase in productivity. In another example, set up time was reduced from over 45 minutes to under 5. A 900% increase in efficiency, creating more Arc On Time.

  • 2.

    Ease of Use – Simplicity & Repeatability

    This benefit of a Cobot is often lost when it comes to holding parts or fixturing. There are always complexities setting up a part or changing to a new part. Additional challenges occur designing a productive work flow or maintaining operations after the first shift automation engineer or tech leave for the day. These challenges are often why Cobots become under-utilized, or even worse… pushed into a corner. The Flextur Cobot Welding System featuring Quick-Change Fixture Tables solves these complex issues in a simple way that works.

  • 3.

    Transitioning Your Team From Hand Welding to Automation.

    This is especially important in times of skilled labor shortages in the welding sector. The Flextur Cobot Welding System makes difficult welding applications accessible to AWS Certified Welders with the tools they need to be more productive. Allowing manual welders to transfer knowledge to automation without the hurdle of more advanced programming necessary when trying to complete similar tasks with a traditional robot.

Cobot Weld Cell System

Manufacturers & Integrators

Flextur Provides Standard & Custom Engineered Cobot Arm Solutions

For manufacturing leaders and integrators needing a table or cart for your cobot arm, please click here to view standard Mobile and Stationary Welding Table solutions.

Are you searching for a custom or proprietary solution? Flextur will partner with you to develop the right solution for your specific application.

Mobile Welding Table Cart for Robots & Cobots

With Automated Robotic & Cobot Applications

Learn How to Maximize Your Workstation within Automated Robot & Cobot applications and learn more about creating a Lean and ergonomic workstation ensuring maximum throughput and safety where humans & Robotics/Cobots interact within workstations.

In addition, you’ll learn the 7 Steps to Integrating Lean Workstations into robotic/cobot applications.

The Modular Design of the Flextur Cobot Welding System adapts with you.

Whether you are getting your first cobot, or your 21st cobot. Or, if you’ve been using fixtures or you just got your first welding table, Flextur’s Cobot Welding System can meet you where you are. And it will easily adapt and grow with you, as you become more advanced in your cobot usage.

Modular Cobot Robot
Modular Cobot Robot
  • A.

    Flextur Cobot Docking Station

    The Flextur Cobot Docking Station is the heart of the Flextur Cobot Welding System. Your cobot, cobot controller, power supply and wire feeder will be mounted to this rugged, fork-able base. Because all of the other table options mount to and work with the Docking Station it is recommended that it be securely bolted to the floor.

  • B.

    Flextur Cobot Tables

    Flextur Cobot Tables are available in 36”x36” and 72”x36”. These nitrated tables easily bolt up and accurately align and level to the Flextur Cobot Docking Station. These are great tables for prototyping, or scenarios where the pricing, volume or job do not merit a fixture. Tables also utilize Gridlok Technology, allowing you to keep the tools or parts you use most close at hand.

  • C.

    Flextur Quick-Change Fixture Tables

    If you are like the majority of Cobot owners we’ve spoken to, you are doing a high mix of low to mid volume parts. You feel your Cobot is under utilized and you’re struggling with how to maximize your Cobot investment? The patent pending Flextur Quick-Change Fixture Table is the only one of its kind. It allows you to create highly accurate, repeatable, automated workflows that increase productivity in a big way. This frees up your Automation Engineer, Cobot Technician and Experienced Welder for other things, while the Cobot Operator simply burns wire and makes parts. Changing parts is as simple as releasing the pneumatic quick-detach Quick-Change Fixture Plate and returning it to the Quick-Change Fixture Plate storage rack. Choose the next Quick-Change Fixture Plate and safely clamp it into position with the touch of a button. Select the new program and keep your workflow humming.

  • D.

    Quick-Change Fixture Plate

    These durable plates are engineered to be positioned and clamped in the exact spot every time on the Flextur Quick-Change Fixture Table. How accurate you ask? Plates are within +/- .015” every time. These serve as a consistent base for any fixtures. Our Quick-Change Fixture Plates work with all types of fixtures, from basic welded stops and clamps to the latest full 3D designed tab and slot fixtures. Flextur can assist anyone using a Flextur Cobot Welding System by designing and/or building fixtures for their specific application.

Organize & Standardize Your Facility

Outfit your facility for maximum productivity

By organizing and standardizing your facility using Flextur workstations, tool boards, and accessories, you will decrease labor and material costs, improve product quality, and organize your tool and material storage. Enhance 5S, Lean, and OSHA compliance efforts providing a safer working environment for your employees and visitors.

Working with Automation

Create a Lean & Efficient Workflow While Increasing Productivity

Robotic welders only increase efficiency when they are burning wire. Whether loading a robot or interacting with a cobot, having all the material you need within easy reach is vital... we engineer our workstations to solve this issue. Only when using a variety of Flextur products, including Wall Mount and Mobile Tool Boards, Workbenches, and Welding Tables to support an automated operation, can you find true efficiency, increase safety and reduce cycle times and defects.

Flextur solves for robot and cobot efficiency

Flextur Wall Mount & Mobile Tool Boards Keep Items within Easy Reach

Not only does Flextur make quality Welding Tables and Mobile Welding Carts for cobot and on-the-go welding stations. Flextur uses Wall Mount and Mobile Tool Boards panels to keep materials arriving on time and within easy reach of the robot operator.

See Flextur Welding Tables, Workbenches & Mobile Tool Boards In Action

"Back then we figured it would be simple to build our own weld table. When we tried it, the surface warped, the hole spacing pulled together, and the holes shrunk. We’re too busy to waste time like that again."

Laverne B. Hoover - Wheelshop Welding

“It creates a sense of pride for my guys to create their own workstations and yet it’s one standardized system throughout the shop. My guys love them.”

Dave Ligget - Production Manager

“We’ve probably made over a million dollars worth of products on this table, and have only scratched the surface, literally. Don’t think about it. Just get one.”

Foster Welding

“Our QC guy is very pleased with how the bus walls come off as they laminate the walls with a thin skin and any offset at the joints show up... We’re really appreciating our Flextur products.”

John Martin - Owner, Southwest Welding

“Mobility is Key. We are tight on space and being able to roll our tools in and out based on what we are doing is a game changer, even cleaning up is easier.”

Conrad Schrock - Rockwood

“Excellent Versatility, with the 2” Grid pattern they are able to accurately meet every dimensional requirement of our weldments. We’ve been able to hold tolerances not only on flatwork but vertical weldments as well by utilizing fixture blocks. We’re Very Happy… Very Happy with our Flextur Tables.”

Jon Jesse - Quality Control Manager, Southwest Welding

“Well satisfied with product and the price. We’re experiencing an ROI of less than a year.”

John Martin - Owner, Southwest Welding

I love my table! Everyone who sees it compliments it as well. You guys surely have great products!

Jeff Gleason - Eastern Welding Supply

"This cart is a must have when running multiple jobs together. It is working well and helps us be more efficient, keeping everything better organized. Thank You!"

Pete - AspiredX LLC