FosterWeld Metal Works Co. Uses Flextur Welding Tables for Precision, Craftsmanship & Flexibility – The All-in-One Tool

FosterWeld Metal Works Co., based in Boise, Idaho, U.S.A. was established in 2007, and “They like playing with metal. ” The Foster shop makes original metal art that customers can’t find anywhere else; and no two pieces are alike. FosterWeld makes a lot of different things out of metal, like custom signs, lighted signs, metal furniture, belt buckles, leather belts, key chains, and bottle openers among many other things. FosterWeld has done some great projects with, Facebook, GoPro, and Coca Cola, as well as many other regional companies for multiple industries. In fact, you name it, FosterWeld can build it. Customers can bring their napkin sketches, take it to FosterWeld, and the team will help customers create something awesome with metal. Metal is never misunderstood at

Challenge: FosterWeld needed a welding table that would allow for welding craftmanship and precision for metal art production that merges on modern composition with a classic welding technique. They wanted a table that would help them to balance creativity and entrepreneurship as well as precision and durability. Oh, and they wanted a company who made American Made Welding tables.

Solution: FosterWeld reached out to the Flextur team as they made quality welding tables, in Dalton, Ohio, U.S.A. FosterWeld discovered Flextur® Workstation and Welding Table Systems feature Gridlok® - the industry’s strongest 14-guage, most versatile metal pegboard system, capable of holding 50lbs. on a single hook. The quality and craftsmanship of Flextur Welding Tables featuring Gridlok allowed for quick access to tools needed for faster productivity and quality. Foster put the Flextur Weld Table through the shop test by grinding, welding, cutting, finishing, etc. And it passed with flying colors.

Cost Savings: FosterWeld made over a million dollars of product with the Flextur Welding Table and have literally only scratched the surface.

Foster Welding Testimonial

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