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As a manufacturing leader, you face many challenges such as labor shortages, skill gaps, production deadlines, and financial and quality goals. And an unorganized workplace causes excess waste of materials, motion, and time spent searching for lost or misplaced tools.

By organizing and standardizing your facility, you will decrease labor and material costs, improve product quality, and organize your tool and material storage while enhancing 5S, Lean, and OSHA compliance efforts providing a safer working environment for your employees and visitors.

Flextur is equally capable in every department of your facility

Engineered to solve unmet 5S and Lean workflow issues throughout your facility, Flextur products feature Gridlok Innovation and the Industry's Strongest and most versatile metal pegboard / tool board system. This system can improve efficiency in nearly every part of your business.

Top 6 Reasons to Interlink & Synchronize

  • 1.

    Automate repetitive tasks

  • 2.

    Reduce material waste

  • 3.

    Improve workplace safety

  • 4.

    Increase shop effeciency

  • 5.

    Standardize workflows

  • 6.

    Tool organization

Interlink & Synchronize Your Maintenance Area With Your Entire Facility


Interlink & Synchronize Your Training Facility With Your Entire Facility

Training Facility

Interlink & Synchronize Your Assembly Area With Your Entire Facility


Interlink & Synchronize Your Tool Crib or Hardware Room With Your Entire Facility

Tool Crib

Interlink & Synchronize Your Office or Showroom With Your Entire Facility

Office & Showroom

Interlink & Synchronize Your Welding Area With Your Entire Facility


Interlink & Synchronize Your Shipping & Receiving Area With Your Entire Facility


Interlink & Synchronize Your Packaging Area With Your Entire Facility


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Imagine a Highly Adaptable Yet Standardized Solution for Your Entire Facility

Using Flextur's standard off-the-shelf products and accessories throughout your facility allows you to create a highly adaptable system that is easily personalized for every employee and their workstation. Easily repurpose your Flextur equipment as the needs of personnel, departments, and the facility change. These unrealized benefits are recognized as you pursue and implement LEAN and 5S principles within your facility with the help of highly agile, durable, flexible, Flextur Workstations.

Organizing and standardizing workstations with Flextur is the answer!

Reduce time spent during the design, build, and finishing steps resulting in shorter lead times, fewer back orders, and greater profitability. Integrating Flextur workstations into your facility will help reduce cycle times, maximize space, minimize waste, and create greater efficiencies while standardizing your workflow and reducing defects resulting in a better quality product that costs you less.

48" x 48" x 6" Welding Table

Welding Tables

32" x 48" Workbench


Wall Mount Tool Board System (7 square feet)

Gridlok Metal Pegboard

Packaging Station (72" x 30")