Look for Flextur on Big Tire Garage

Ian Johnson, with Big hair and a Big TV personality of Big Tire Garage – shown on Amazon Prime and ROKU Streaming platform and of FourWheeler – shown on Motor Trend TV. Ian Johnson brings 30 years of fabrication experience as a tech, instructor, and shop manager. On Big Tire Garage, Ian builds custom off-road vehicles that are made to conquer some of the toughest trails in the country.

Flextur brand is proud to have Ian represent and use the strongest industrial welding table workstation system featuring Gridlok, the strongest, 14-gauge metal pegboard with unique slot design. Ian will use the Flextur Welding Accessories and Gridlok Tool Board and Accessories in his newest season of Big Tire Garage.

You can watch Flextur and Gridlok in action on Prime or Motor Trend TV https://watch.motortrend.com . Take a look.

Ian Johnson started his career as a hobbyist. A full-time high school technology teacher, Ian didn’t get serious about welding until the school’s welding/shop teacher retired, putting the future of the program in jeopardy. Hearing the students’ response, Ian rallied to get his teaching certification and, before long, re-opened the school’s welding shop and established his first “Fabrication Technology” class.

 “Learning right alongside some of my students,” Ian says, “I was able to share in their journey into the world of welding, and I fell in love with welding all over again.”

A decade later, Ian used his skills as a licensed mechanic and certified welder to launch his first TV show, focused on off-road fabrication.

The rest, as they say… is history.