Southwest Welding Company Uses the Flextur Welding Table System to Interlink & Synchronize Their Metal Fab Facility for Increased Productivity for Massive Welding Projects

Southwest Welding is a one-stop shop for metal fabrication located in Wakarusa, Indiana, U.S.A. They provide efficient welding, laser, tube laser, plasma cutting, forming, machining, and powder coating services. They started in a small fab shop serving local agricultural and industrial businesses. Almost 40 years later, Southwest Welding has grown into a 34,000 square foot facility servicing large industrial customers.

Challenge: Southwest Welding needed a welding table solution capable of holding sophisticated, large jigs for massive welding projects to produce various OEM parts for a transit fleet manufacturer.

Solution: Southwest Welding turned to Flextur for welding and workstation solutions. The Flextur Workstations and Welding Tables can be used for any industrial application from welding, cutting, robotic welding, cobot, and many others. Flextur is engineered to reduce cycle times and wasteful activities for unmet Lean and 5S workflow needs. Flextur provides an Interlink and Synchronized solution - where multiple workstations can interlink together throughout the facility and welding tables can be fastened together and extended in any direction with fixture blocks to meet projects goals. This Complete Flextur Workstation System features Gridlok, the strongest 14-gauge metal pegboard - so your workers have all their tools within reach.

Cost Savings: Southwest Welding was able to increase efficiencies while reducing wastes and costs. The Flextur System has been beneficial for the Southwest organization, the employees like the welding table system as it is easier to set up, consistent, and the quality control team both internal and the customer’s quality control team say the products made from the Flextur solutions are accurate and consistent

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